What kind of blog is this?

I have my travel blog. I blog when I travel. The end.

I wanted Fernie’s speech journey out there for the world to see so I created this blog for that entry. I received many comments, most from friends and family, who always support. I don’t know if his journey is going to be read by anyone else, but I’m glad it’s out there because I really wish it would have been there for me.

Anyway, it allowed me to reflect afterward. Did I want to continue writing this blog? What did I want to do with it? Is anyone else going to read it? Does it matter? What is this blog going to be about? I’ve surrounded myself with some pretty strong, powerful, women. And to be honest with you, it has sometimes made me feel inadequate. Like I’m not doing enough.

I’m a teacher. I teach fifth grade. This is my sixth year teaching, first year teaching fifth. It’s hard, stressful, and unbelievably rewarding. But I’m not like those teachers on instagram that have the perfect classrooms and are super organized. So this will definitely NOT be a teaching blog.

I’m a mom to a strong-willed three year old. I always feel like I’m failing as a parent. I’m constantly looking for tips and reaching out to my friend for tips. So this is NOT a how-to-parent blog. Hell if I know what I’m doing.

What makes my situation pretty unique, is our home language. As you’ve read, my husband and I only speak Spanish to our son and we speak to each other in English. I think that’s what I want to document. Our bilingual journey. Our son will be attending our local public school when he’s ready. He’ll be in Tiny Tots this summer. And we will not be putting him in a Dual Language Immersion School. So whatever Spanish he learns will come from us.

As a teacher, I’m scared to death. I don’t know how to teach someone how to read and write in Spanish. I had to learn the solar system in Spanish in two days. I didn’t know that the Milky Way was Via Láctea. And I especially didn’t know that Pluto’s moon, Charon was Caronte. I was saying, “Charón”.

So this is our bilingual journey. One where the Spanish language will be solely taught by my husband, myself, and my son’s two amazing grandmothers. Oh and YouTube.

We’re always open to tips.

So far, Fernando understands little to no English. Can say some of the alphabet in English. Count to ten in English. And knows the solar system in English.

Spanish is Fernando’s native language. So he knows, understands, and speaks what every three year old does in Spanish. He also knows all things space and the solar system in Spanish.

He plays well with kids and asks them, “Como te llamas?”. My husband and I are always there to translate. My son can tell them to, “Go!” down the slide if they’re taking a long ass time.

Feel free to ask any questions. I’m not an expert. I’m winging it!

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